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Astro Boy: Edge of Time (PC) Gameplay Video - 3.0 Online Battles. 😅 🎟🎟🎟

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WARMODE (PC) - Gameplay Video 1.0 The New Shoot Era begins...

► All gameplays or videos are free. No money is earned with it. ► Games by WARTEAM are not monetized. WARMODE (PC) Developer: WARTEAM Publisher: WARTEAM Release: 2015 Source: Game Information: Free to play shooter about the confrontation of two irreconcilable sides, represented by the government military housings and the armed hirelings. Try your hand at virtual battles with off-scale dynamics and hurricane gameplay in the spirit of the classical shooters. In the game are available a wide range of maps and several modes. Level system allows player to open achievements, weapons, stickers and more. Game/ Free Link: Thanks to all publisher and developer. :) (Project Atom/ Active Gaming Media Inc.) Have Fun! 😁

Colorization Astro Boy

CST Entertainment, Inc. Colorization test Of a re-edited Astro Boy cartoon circa. 1994 I was the lead designer of the color model for colorization.

Chrome PC Gameplay Video 9.0 Try Lust Attacks.

Developer: Techland Publisher: Strategy First Release: 2003 Techland Site: [Your Video] is in no way endorsed by Techland and does not reflect the views or positions of the company or its employees. Respect rights of third parties. Apart from Techland’s intellectual properties allowed under these guidelines, you should not include contents of others that you do not have permission to use. Producent: Techland Wydawca: Strategy First Data wydania: 2003 Techland strony: [Your Video] nie jest w żaden sposób zatwierdzony przez Techland i nie odzwierciedlają poglądów i stanowiska firmy lub jej pracowników. Przestrzegania praw osób trzecich. Oprócz własności intelektualnej Techland jest dozwolony na mocy niniejszych wytycznych, nie powinny zawierać treści innych, które nie mają uprawnień do używania.

Time Tenshi (PC) Gameplay Video Final End 😙 Have Fun! 😘

► !!! From 16 years.!!! (Recommended.) ► If you are younger, please close the page. Time Tenshi (PC) Developer: Silver Cow Studio Publisher: Silver Cow Studio Release: 2015 (Steam) (USA) Source: Game Information: The Time Window... An incredible invention, developed over decades in secret, empowers humans to make their grandest dream a reality... To travel through time! At a hidden research facility, Rose and Kyo - the Time Tenshi (Time Angels) - voyage into the past in secret under the watchful eye of Tensai Shiro, the mastermind behind the Time Window, and Michelle, the base's Commander and Operations Manager. Since time travel is still dangerous and experimental, the Time Window has yet to be tested on male subjects, meaning only females can safely venture back into history. They seem to undergo some surprising changes to their bodies in certain areas while doing so... But a sinister organisation called Chrontek found a way to hack into Shiro's machine, and now Chrontek is pursuing its own devious plans for the flow of time... Can time travel be entrusted to humans? What happens when the Time Window goes wrong? And can the Time Tenshi stop the girls of Chrontek... before history is changed forever? -- -- -- Time Tenshi is an exciting anime/ecchi visual novel! As the player's character enters Tensai Shiro's lab facility and follows the Time Tenshi in their journeys through time, a plot full of futuristic action, ecchi, humour and plenty of fanservice will unfold! Game Link: Silver Cow Studio Site: Silver Cow Studio Twitter: Silver Cow Studio Facebook: Silver Cow Studio Steam: Video (Streaming) Youtube Policy: (Silver Cow Studio.) There are just a few things that we ask: 1) Please space your videos out (up to 2 per week). 2) Please keep the video length to no more than 12-15 minutes. 3) Please include a link to our store page in your video's description. The link is below. 4) Gameplay videos only please, so everyone can enjoy. That's it! Enjoy Time Tenshi :) Thanks to all publishers and developers. :) (Silver Cow Studio.) Have Fun! 😁

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► All gameplays or videos are free. No money is earned with it.
► Games by Project Atom/ Active Gaming Media Inc., are not monetized.

Astro Boy: Edge of Time (PC)

Developer: Project Atom
Publisher: Active Gaming Media Inc.
Release: 2017

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Game Information:

Osamu Tezuka: The universally revered “Godfather of Manga” gave the world myriad hit series and beloved characters such as Astro Boy, Black Jack, and more. Tezuka’s creations have been brought together and newly redesigned for the modern age in a brand new card battle game―the first-ever official Tezuka-based title for PC, and Astro Boy’s first game appearance in eight years―like nothing you’ve ever seen before! This perfect blend of newly updated but familiar faces and carefully crafted gameplay make this title a can’t-miss for both old-school manga fans and PC gamers alike!

Astro Boy: Edge of Time is a PvP card battle game in which you fight the CPU or other players one on one. Be the first to reduce your opponent’s HP to zero to win. Strategically place the cards randomly distributed from your deck into each respective zone and use them to launch attacks on your opponent’s HP.

Four Online Battle Modes

Ranked Matches: Intense PvP battles which reflect on your player ranking
Random Matches: For more casual―yet sometimes hardcore―matches
Friend Matches: Quickly jump into battle with a friend anytime
Tournament Mode: Strategically utilize randomly dealt decks to compete with other players

The eclectic roster of characters featured in Astro Boy: Edge of Time have all been gathered from Osamu Tezuka’s Star System – the shared universe inhabited by the Tezuka’s own personal favorite characters from his various works. Each and every character in Astro Boy: Edge of Time has been painstakingly redesigned specifically for this game by an unprecedented lineup of master artists, breathing new life into all the classic Tezuka characters that fans throughout the world have grown to love while still retaining the core elements that make them who they are.

Challenge players from around the globe to see if you’ve got what it takes to emerge from battle victorious!

Game/ Free Link:

Astro Boy: Edge of Time Site:

Astro Boy: Edge of Time Twitter:

Astro Boy: Edge of Time Twitter:

Thanks to all publisher and developer. :)
(Project Atom/ Active Gaming Media Inc.) Have Fun! 😁

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