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How Smoking 30 PACKS of Cigarettes Wrecks Your Lungs ● You Must See This !

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20 Amazing Science Experiments and Optical Illusions! Compilation 2017

This video is a compilation of Best 20 science experiments with liquid and fire 2017 00:02 Flammable hand sanitizer 00:25 Coca Cola and Pool chlorine reaction 00:47 Traveling Flame 01:04 Animated Optical Illusions 01:27 Jet Engine in a Jar 01:54 Hot Ice 02:48 Coca Cola VS Coca Cola Zero - Sugar Test 03:07 Sugar and Sulfuric Acid - Strange Chemical Reaction 03:42 Amazing Fire Snake 04:26 Anamorphic Illusion 05:11 Elephant Toothpaste 05:37 Fire Tornado 06:14 Soap propelled boat 06:36 Homemade Smartphone Hologram 06:57 Pool Chlorine and Break Fluid Reaction 07:19 Rooftop Illusion 07:49 Make Flying Balloon at Home 08:39 Soapy water and gas 09:09 Instant cloud in a bottle 09:28 No-leak magic bag Subscribe: Share this video: Post to Facebook: Post to Twitter: Post to Google: #Science #Experiments


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Here's What Happens In Your Body When You Swallow Gum

We have all heard of terrible things that take place inside our stomach when we swallow gum. But is it really that big of a deal if you forget to spit it out? You may have heard from your 2nd grade teacher that if you swallow your gum, it could stay in your stomach forever. Or worse, it could grow into a rubber tree. Well, that's true. Don't do it. Just kidding. Swallowing chewing gum isn't really going to plant trees in your stomach, but that's no reason to start doing it regularly. Here's what happens to your body when you swallow gum. When you eat standard food, three processes go to work in your body to turn food into fuel. The first is obvious: Chewing. The process breaks food into smaller and smaller pieces, increasing the surface area. Meanwhile, saliva coats those pieces, delivering enzymes that help break down the food. Finally, once swallowed, the stomach acids turn any remaining food pieces into mush. This lets the food pass through the rest of the digestive tract smoothly. But gum doesn't play by those rules. As much as you chew it, gum doesn't break up into smaller pieces. Because it's gum. Duh. Gum has been around for much longer than you'd think. Ancient Mayans and Aztecs harvested resin from the Sapodilla tree. They would dry it into a 'cha', and chewed it to stave off hunger. Even back then, it was also recognized as a breath freshener. However, most gum today is made from natural or synthetic polymers, most commonly butyl rubber. It’s used in all kinds of products, including adhesives, fiber optics, sealants, cling film, paper, fuel, explosives, sporting equipment, roofing, bottle stoppers, and tires. But don't worry, the butyl in gum won't make you sick. Because it can't be broken down, the wad of chewed gum hits your stomach intact.   Your saliva enzymes and your stomach acid can't touch the butyl in the gum base. But that doesn't mean it just hangs out. Your body is equipped to handle gum in the same way it deals with other food it can't fully digest, like corn and sunflower seeds. The muscles of your digestive tract move it along and eventually flush it out of your system in a day or two, along with everything else. So, no, your gum doesn't stay in your body when you swallow it. But that's no reason to start gulping it down by the pack. The more gum that your body has to process, the higher the likelihood that it'll build up. This gum mass could potentially clog your digestive tract, causing an intestinal blockage which can trigger stomach pain or constipation. There's a lovely name for this blockage: a bezoar. An 18-year old Israeli woman once suffered from a bezoar that blocked her stomach. The problem? Turns out, she had been swallowing at least five pieces of gum every day. The blockage had grown so large that doctors had to break it into smaller pieces and then fish it out of her, piece by piece. But chewing gum alone isn't necessarily bad for you. A couple small studies have shown that the act of chewing gum can actually help relax you. Because it can help reduce levels of cortisol — a common stress hormone — in your saliva. So, feel free to unwrap a stick.You won't be alone. 56% of American chew gum, each about 280 sticks per year. It's a 2 billion dollar industry in the U.S. But be wary of swallowing it once done. The occasional piece of gum won’t hurt, but with everything your body already does for you, why put it through the extra work? Just don't spit it out on the ground. That's just gross. Read more: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:


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Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043)

An incredible metal structure is made by pouring molten aluminum into a fire ant colony. The resulting cast is huge, weighing 17.9 lbs. and reaching a depth of 18 inches. Support Anthill Art by donating at Patreon. Any donation amount, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated and will be used to improve the quality and content of the channel. These are the red imported fire ants (RIFA) which are harmful to the environment and their nests are exterminated by the millions in the United States using poisons, gasoline and fire, boiling water, and very rarely molten aluminum. From Wikipedia: "Researchers have also been experimenting with extreme temperature change to exterminate RIFAs [red imported fire ants], such as injecting liquid nitrogen or pressurized steam into RIFA nests. Besides using hot steam, pouring boiling water into ant mounds has been found effective in exterminating their nests." I did a casual survey and found that I have at least 120 of these colonies within an area of approximately three acres. See detailed pictures of the resulting cast on the Anthill Art website at

This shows smoking a pack a day for 30 days! That's 600 cigarettes! Same experiment vaping for a month
You won't believe the difference!

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::::::::::::: EXPLANATION of the test ::::::::::::::::

* same experiment vaping for a month
same experiment smoking just (1) pack
same experiment smoking just one single cigarette
same experiment smoking WEED for a month

* This is not a scientific test. Visually shows what is going in your body

* The average smoker smokes one pack a day. 30 packs a month (Google)

* The smoke was not held in the glass chamber which many commenters have suggested. Exhale hose clearly shown at 0:15

* It doesn't matter if the machine smoked all the cigarettes in a day, week, month or year, it's the same amount of smoke out of 600 cigarettes, the results would be the same.

* if all the smoke had been blown back through the cotton, the results would have been even worse!

* The smoke was drawn through and around the cotton, catching some, not all, of the chemicals and tar (evident by the accumulation in the hoses) and into the pump and exhaled.

* The machine was set to smoke each cigarette at the same pace each time.

* 30 packs x 20 per pack = 600 cigarettes were smoked

* Each cigarette was smoked 3/4 of the way to reflect real world smoking allowing a quarter of it to just burn away while talking or thinking.

* It took 3 days for the machine to smoke all of the cigarettes.

* The chamber was cleared of smoke between each and every cigarette allowing air to enter.

* Scenes were sped up and time lapsed to be able to see the visual change in colour occur.

* The black stuff is called tar. Heavy accumulation of tar in the hoses showed up after only 10 packs. Tar from the next 20 packs overflowed and got sucked into the pump. It eventually ruined the pump.

* With actual smoking, you also blow the smoke out past all of the same organs twice.

* Lungs do self clean to take care of dust and debris from normal breathing in the environment. They weren't meant to be overwhelmed on an hourly basis by smoke from a burning object for life.

* The smell of the tar and cotton balls at the end was vile. I felt quite ill afterwards. Can't imagine how a smoker feels on a daily basis.

* To all parents and adults. Do your part to give kids a healthy life and prevent youngsters from taking up these bad habits. Never let kids see you smoke, vape or have a joint. Remember, out of sight, out of mind

Joakim Karud, Luvly

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